Oh Yes They Did!

After my partner, Gwen, indicated that I needed to write more positively in this blog, I started the  category, “The Art of the Possible”. I proceeded to write one piece and then… nothing.

Perhaps this relates to my high levels of skepticism and cynicism. Perhaps, to my general curmudgeonliness. I will have to reflect on this. It does relate to my almost constant unhappy reaction to the political and financial “news” of the day.

I have decided to write about something that truly belongs in this category. Something that has brought joy to many, many people, my oldest boy, Jordan’s, wedding.

On Easter sunday last year I received a mid morning call from Jordan. This was a “bit” unusual but it was Easter and I suspected that he was calling to wish me a happy Easter. He did. He then kind of rushed into the news, “I asked Maggie to marry me”, he said. Then, after a short pause, he said, with great joy in his voice, “and, she said yes!”

Pick me up off the floor. I started blubbering with happiness and wished him all of the best and told him to get back to Maggie and we would speak later.

Now, just over a year later, the wedding has taken place. Maggie’s folks and their home town of Nashville were hosts to the most wonderful collection of relatives and friends that could be imagined.

When Jordan and his brother Dan were just tiny infants, their Mom, Eileen, made sure they were involved in many socialization activities. We were fortunate to have a center where infants could get together even though all they could do was lie on a blanket spread carefully on the floor and look at each other. These activities (?) were followed by many others all the way up to the time they went off to grade school. Official school and athletic activities took over from there.

The result? Today, my boys have the most wonderful collection of friends. Some of those same early playmates are now joined by a collection of great young people who connected with the boys over thirty plus years as these young men traveled through their diverse educations and lives.

The title of this piece, “Oh Yes They Did!” was emblazoned on bags, napkins and other paraphernalia at the wedding and was created by one of their fantastically creative friends, Jillian.

My youngest, Dan, the best man, had thrown a bachelor party for his brother a few weeks before where no strippers were in evidence. He had rented a rehearsal studio in New York City where Jordan was given a personal concert by many of their musician friends and fellow band members. A night of joy and respect replaced the usual debauchery.

Details about the beautiful church, grand reception, and celebratory attendees could fill a book, but the most important thing to mention, is that Jordan and Maggie looked and felt joyous.

As time passes, I feel like I have entered some kind of new era. It isn’t really easily described, but it feels great.

God bless them both and may they have a most wonderful life together practicing the art of the possible.

Oh Yes They Did!

(the unofficial photo above is courtesy of Liz Ligon, another friend and the official wedding photographer. See www.lizligonphotography.com or call 917-526-1631)

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