I Want 10G

I remember the phone in the entry hall at home. There must have been something special about it because working models today will fetch over $400.

Being a boy, I did not use it very much.

How that time contrasts with today!

As well as being my phone, my iPhone is also a camera and an iPod music player. It can play videos. I can even, for a fee, watch any Major League baseball game I want during the summer, live, on my phone!

With hundreds of little applications installed that do all kinds of neat things, the list of what this tiny device can do goes on and on.

All of this is nice but, one thing I REALLY want it to do, is to be a phone. That means it would be nice if it behaved like the old home phone. That clunky black thing always delivered a dial tone. It worked all of the time, with the possible exception being during a hurricane. The sound quality was fine, all the time.

All of this telephone quality with no “G’s”.

What is a G? I wish I knew. It seems to relate to the speed of the network and perhaps to its quality and capabilities. This would imply that it is some kind of explicit standard.

A while back Verizon had some advertisements that indicated they had the best 3G coverage in the USA. They showed their coverage maps vs. AT&T’s and boy it sure looked good for Verizon! Soon, AT&T had a response. Our 3G is better than their 3G.

If 3G is a standard, how can that be? Today, Sprint is talking about 4G. I just saw an advertisement in New York City for something called 4G LTE. Now I am truly lost. No consumer has a prayer of evaluating these outrageous claims. No consumer in their right mind would believe any of these companies’ nonsense.

I want 10G just like I had with my old black phone. What’s 10G? It’s my standard and it means the phone works.

Today the phone companies seem to want to bedazzle us with features and other stuff so we don’t notice how often the phone does not work. Their business models are so complex that I am not sure anyone understands for what they are paying. You are required to sign a service contract to guarantee them a year or more of being a customer or victim depending on your point of view.

When the contract is almost up they send you a pitch for a new phone. How can you live without the new XYZ92, it’s free, just sign up for two more years.

The company with the best service should win the business. The company that is second best should try harder. This will sound familiar to car renters.

As consumers we have little hope of impacting this mess since we all NEED these little bugger phones. For me, I intend to switch to Verizon as soon as they support the iPhone. Why? Because of those idiotic AT&T advertisements claiming their 3G to be better. I guess that means I will have to sign a contract… and then, in a few years, switch to Sprint. Maybe by then the government will own the phone companies and that old black phone will be back.

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