It Has To Start Somewhere…

The emergency room, chest pains, this day is off to a great start.

Signed up for a course in blogging at the Gotham Writers Workshop (GWW) and it started a week ago. I should be home writing and here I am scared and wondering what kind of terrible thing is going on inside me.

For years I have been struggling to write. Something. Anything. I have taken other courses from GWW and they were great. I had to write. My classmates and instructors gave me critical feedback. Great. But then, nothing.

OK, I will blog. But no one will read it. Wait, that isn’t the problem. Me getting going is the current problem.

There I was though, in the emergency room. I had been here before, ten years ago, when my life changed in a way I could never have anticipated. Bypass surgery did it that time.

The blessing, I survived. I recreated my life. I started teaching instead of chasing ever elusive corporate success. Instead of narrowing, my life broadened as all of those wonderful students taught me things. Sure I got them through the material: Business Policy, Information Technology Management, eCommerce, Finance, Operations, Entrepreneurship and more but they taught me more about life, new ways to look at things, and even about MY subjects.

At first I darted off into a lot of different directions, well, this is still a problem. Problem? No, great fun. There was never an outlet for all that was going on in my head and life. Then, there it was, “How to Blog I” from GWW.

This blog will go in many directions, I suspect. I won’t claim expertise unless warranted. Opinions, yup. Ideas, yup. New directions for all of us, I hope so.


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