Global Warming is a Red Herring

“They” say the science is settled. New York City will be under water in 20xx

Just Say Anything” was an earlier blog here. Global warming? Maybe yes, maybe no. There are those who disagree.

The trick, though, is that it doesn’t matter.

Where does all of this anthropogenic CO2 come from? Eating beef? Bovine flatulence has been noted. Driving all those SUV’s? I guess so. Pouring out of smoke stacks all over the place? Yup.

You can use the curly light bulbs, not drive your car, vote against the new coal power plant, stop eating beef, and on and on. If we do all of that, it seems to me the impact will be minuscule.

Then there is Cap and Trade. Oy! Don’t get me started…

Let’s see, I produce a lot of crap so I will pay for a chit that I can get from someone who produces less crap. I can’t just go and pay them for the chit, though. I have to go through an exchange. We have recently seen how exchanges can get off course especially if what we are exchanging has little basis in anything real. Remember collateralized debt obligations? Mortgage backed securities?

It can work, I guess. The economics might influence some behaviors, but It doesn’t seem to have worked very well where it has been tried. I claim no deep expertise, though.

It seems to me that we have much more basic issues. When will oil run out or at least become so expensive that only the government and rich folks can afford it? We certainly won’t be able to burn it to produce affordable electricity.

How about potable water? In many parts of the world this is already a large problem.

How can anyone blithely say that continued, global population growth is OK? With just a tiny percentage of the population, the US has managed to consume huge amounts of the planet’s scarce resources. Populations in China and India, when combined, are 800% larger than the US and they are starting to look more like the US in their consumption patterns.

Now, just go down the list of finite natural resources and see what happens when they run out.

It doesn’t compute.

Getting in balance with the planet we inhabit seems to me to be the only answer. Do you grow your own food? Do you buy it from someone nearby? Can you walk to work? How do you heat your home? Is your home “green”? Does your waste become food for another part of the planet’s systems? Why did we pave over that farm and put a market there that sells food from the other side of the world?

Harmony with the planet. Sustainability.

If a plant near you is belching out tons bad stuff, proven bad stuff not maybe bad stuff, perhaps they should be fined, it’s much more direct than Cap and Trade. It’s also effective. How did we clean up the lakes and rivers?

We spend tremendous amounts of capital on ethanol. This has little to do with being in harmony with nature, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

To pursue sustainability some actions seem obvious, some not so much, but their pursuit seems to me to be where we should individually and collectively be focusing.

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