mine_canaryHow many canaries have to die?

Everyone is familiar with the canary in the coal mine. The poor little creature is used as a miner’s early warning system for toxic gases in the mine.

When the canary drops dead, the miners get outta Dodge.

Having recently moved, I am in the process of redirecting everything to my new address. It’s amazing how complicated that can get. A key document that needs to change because of its general use as an official identity card is the driver’s license.

Yes, that means a trip to the DMV. The other day, I did just that. Now, I won’t belabor the story, we all have our DMV stories. Suffice it to say there was a huge line and three clerks. One only did registrations and the other two did licenses. When break time hit, two of them just walked out in spite of the large queue.

It became clear that there were hardly any folks there for registrations but when that tiny line was gone, the woman just stood there. Then she became a distraction to the other two women by chatting with them. I could go on but won’t.

A government bureaucracy in action.

Illegal book

I am reading this wonderful book about local food written by Joel Salatin, the owner of Polyface Farm in Virginia. I haven’t finished it but already a question that has been on my mind since my return to New Hampshire from New York City, has been pretty much been answered.

After my return, I became aware of local food and its health and quality benefits. Many of my posts have referenced this. I worried, though, about the large decline in local farms and wondered if some flaw in their business model was behind the decline.

The answer is in the title of the book shown here. Everything Joel wants to do to make money on his farm is illegal. As the food system in this country became industrialized, the government and the big agriculture companies constructed a world where only the big folks doing high volume production would benefit. This has gone to some really terrifying extremes. Monsanto, creates seeds that are infertile. They will produce one crop, but you then have to go back to Monsanto for more seed next year.

This is one of the most egregious anti nature and natural systems behavior that I have ever discovered. It’s OK though, because it’s all approved by the FDA. The FDA, as we all have been brainwashed to believe, is protecting us, right?

The government bureaucracy has only one way to solve problems and that is by creating rules. Needless to say, the rules favor the big guys because they can afford to lobby for them and destroy the little guys. Are small farmers the food canaries?

The government and big ag have been hugely successful, though, food is so affordable and available.

We are all getting obese, dying of heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. but NOT from raw milk, they won’t let us drink that! The really tragic thing is that raw milk has done statistically insignificant damage while out of control government mandated systems have killed quite a few folks.

Social Security was to be a government facilitated savings plan to supplement a person’s retirement. As we all know, the “rules” allowed the government to spend the money and not save it. So while many are owed their savings plus some return, there is no “Trust Fund” from which to pay them.

Are the struggling elderly the social security canaries?

For years, our politicians have been building a ginormous government that is there to help us. They have created something close to 200,000 rules. Those rules have amazing complexity and are not just thou shalt not kinda things. They attempt to cover every conceivable condition, which anyone should be able to reason, is just not possible.

Then, a short while ago, the politicians crammed through Obama Care. There are a ton of dead canaries already starting to show up in that one.

The politicians essentially took over the mortgage business or at least structured it so they and their pals in the financial services industry could safely get rich as we canaries all lost our shirts.

They took over the student loan business, made it easy for students to get loans, and then doubled the interest rates. We canaries used to call that bait and switch and, I thought, it was illegal. Remember who is writing the rules; it’s not illegal.

They are taking over and moving toward federalizing all of our police forces. Check out this earlier post, The Developing USSS.

Dead canary in cage

How many canaries have to die before we the sheeples wake up and stop all of this nonsense?

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