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Response to Z

A couple of dear friends commented on my previous post (Is This Reasonable, August 17th) with concerns about ever achieving peace in a world full of weapons and the experience in the United Kingdom with their handgun ban. The following … Continue reading

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Is This Reasonable?

There is lots of ruckus about gun laws these days. I have written elsewhere in this blog about the type of gun laws no one could object to, the reasonable ones. Today, I heard about Emily Miller. Emily is a … Continue reading

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Reasonable… Again

Tragedy The horrific tragedy in Aurora, CO has brought out all of the usual suspects amongst the ban the guns folks. There is Bloomberg in New York City and his pals at the New York Times. One of my past … Continue reading

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Remember all those papers you wrote in High School and maybe even grade school? You were writing about something, so your brain and embryonic research abilities led you immediately to the dictionary to find out something about it The first … Continue reading

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The Winner!

On April 1st of this year, 2012, the United States became the winner. We now have the highest corporate tax rate of all of the developed countries. On April 1st, Japan actually lowered their top rate leaving our 35% rate … Continue reading

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The Developing USSS

Say What? The word soviet, used as a noun, means a council or assembly connected to a socialistic government system. We remember it from the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The  USSR was a totalitarian state. A totalitarian … Continue reading

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There is a twister swirling in my brain. Momentum is scaring the crap out of me. Sustainability has been on my mind for a number of years. I teach in two wonderful sustainability MBA programs at Antioch University NE and … Continue reading

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A Happy Day

Three hundred and fifty-eight days to the seventh decade. Over the years I have never put much energy into my birthday. It kinda came and went with little impact on me. Sure, there were a few years that had more … Continue reading

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SOPA? Nope(A)!

Problems? Yup. Well, let’s write some laws and regulations. Piracy of intellectual property is a bad thing that got worse when the Internet made it a lot easier to do in certain circumstances. Seemingly ignoring the fact that piracy needs … Continue reading

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A gun guy. Imagine having that phrase attached to you. Well, if you are a regular reader, apart from being amazingly unique, you know that I am a gun guy. A good bit of the story is told in the … Continue reading

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