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Chinese Junk

As a little shaver, I thought the term Chinese Junk, which referenced a type of ancient ship design predominantly but not exclusively employed by the Chinese, referred to the quality of the ship. Yes, little shavers tend to be quite … Continue reading

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Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn

Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the connected farmsteads of New England.        Recently, I found a book about them, the title of which is the title of this post. After my return to … Continue reading

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How many canaries have to die? Everyone is familiar with the canary in the coal mine. The poor little creature is used as a miner’s early warning system for toxic gases in the mine. When the canary drops dead, the … Continue reading

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A Letter

March 7, 2013 To my elected representatives, All, I recently read an article by the Englishman, Charles C. W. Cooke titled, “The Right to Bear Arms and Popular Sovereignty”. The following quote is from the article: “It makes little philosophical … Continue reading

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It has been a very long time since I posted anything. This relates directly to my post of November 9, 2012 and the consequences of that fateful election that are becoming more and more apparent every day. The last line … Continue reading

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The Four Freedoms

How did I get to be this old and creaky without knowing of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s four freedoms speech? Oh sure, I wasn’t paying attention in all of those history courses. Remember when we actually called it history and not … Continue reading

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After an absolutely ugly political campaign season, the electorate have weighed in and the result is stunning to me. So stunning, that I have been more or less comatose for two days. I will allow myself one snarky comment, “Being … Continue reading

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Tax the Rich

Tragically the current election cycle has looked much more like a TV reality show than a comparison of ideas. One side attempts to heat up the masses by creating Robin Hood notions. Rich folks have too much, so we must … Continue reading

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An Original, Not a Reproduction

Often, as a history buff, I have watched a craftsman use tools just like those used in the old days to make a reproduction of a product just like the product made in the old days. Wonderful stuff. Today I … Continue reading

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Without a good map, you will get lost. Since I got my first iPhone a number of years ago, I have become more and more dependent on the maps app. I drive an older car without a GPS system and … Continue reading

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