At a “certain” age we start looking back, but that has been very unsatisfying. Fun, at times, when it involves great memories of the kids, cool cars, great relationships, but generally unsatisfying.

Then, through an involvement in teaching and reverses in health, I realized that all of that experience could be a platform for more and more learning. Now looking back and looking forward combine into a wonderful and at times overwhelming sensory filled experience of unending learning.

Here, Heart (the health problem) and Pen (the teaching) are combining in a place where I can put the thoughts that appear in my “what passes for brain” (Dad used to say that, in a kind and loving tone) on my learning journey.

For the business me there is LinkedIn and for the personal me there is the contact page. Reach out and touch me. For another side of me check out www.jdkeeneshootingschool.com.

For a song version of me click here to sample the Bellamy Brothers version of “Old Hippie”.

As of June 1, 2011, there is now another developing part of me coming online. Years ago I was an avid amateur photographer. My photographer’s passion waned for “life” reasons and now it is returning. This time it’s digital and can be found at www.petercrowellphotography.com

As they say in Times Square, “Check it out!”


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  1. It’s Lauressa from class. I like your writing style and your start here. Sounds like you have lots to offer. What have all those life experiences been like? Why does this creative thing need to come out? What is it trying or needing to say? Where do creatives and business-types come together and how can they coexist in one body? How can they help each other?

    • pcrowell says:

      Lauressa, thanks for the comment.

      I believe that all of us have creative juices inside but many struggle to let them out and enjoy them. My ex is a wonderfully creative person and taught me this and helped me to find my creativity through photography years ago.

      Now, I just feel like writing about all of the stuff churning around inside my head and heart to learn, to relieve some pressure, to laugh, to enjoy…

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