A Letter

March 7, 2013

To my elected representatives,


I recently read an article by the Englishman, Charles C. W. Cooke titled, “The Right to Bear Arms and Popular Sovereignty”. The following quote is from the article:

“It makes little philosophical sense for the elected representatives of a government that is subordinate to the people to be able to disarm those people. An enlightened state may not remove from the people the basic rights that are recognized in the very document to which it owes its existence.” (Emphasis mine.)

As I focus on the emphasized phrases above a number of things come to mind:

  1. Starting a letter to a constituent with an empathetic reference to a tragedy is a ploy to enable the positioning of that constituent in the future as someone who does not feel the same way.
  2. Starting a letter to a constituent with an empathetic reference to a tragedy, puts the topic of the discussion in a place of crisis. This “Chicago” technique has dominated politics in our country for the last four years. It is abhorrent and antagonistic to our founding principles as it squelches the views of many of the represented.
  3. Using the now created crisis to gain advantage on an issue you favor even when confronted with startlingly large historic resistance among the represented to your position is vilely opportunistic.
  4. Focusing on your issue while actually avoiding any focus on the root cause of the actual issue is duplicitous.
  5. Creating inflammatory and meaningless terms like “Assault Rifle” similarly attempts to bias discussion and represents, to me, the bias of the user of the term.
  6. Using words like “reasonable” and “common sense” to place yourselves on the side of goodness and light is also very manipulative.
  7. Counting the number of bullets in my magazines and not in the magazines of the criminals is criminal.
  8. Continuing the big government approach of solving all problems with band aids that only create many unfortunate and unintended consequences is directly opposed to the founding principles of this country.

How did the elected officials of this country become so out of touch with the reasons the country exits and is (was?) such an amazing place?


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