A Happy Day

Three hundred and fifty-eight days to the seventh decade.

Over the years I have never put much energy into my birthday. It kinda came and went with little impact on me. Sure, there were a few years that had more impact than others. The fiftieth and sixtieth had impact and were celebrated at a couple of terrific parties with great friends.

I remember my thirty-fifth birthday because I was working in television and I changed demographic groups (something TV folks were pretty obsessed about). I went from 18 – 34 to 35 – 54. Fifty-four was what I saw, not thirty-five.

Jordan Looking Like He Wants Something...

Fortunately for our boys, Eileen had a great birthday approach and always did special things for them. One of the downsides of a long commute and breadwinner duties was that I missed a lot of these wonderful events.

These days we all get together and have wonderful, sometimes combined celebrations of birthdays and holidays. I so look forward to these events.

To keep the record straight, my Mom was just as great as Eileen with birthdays, as evidenced in the picture below taken at my, I believe, eighth birthday party, so my complacence did not come from being deprived on the matter.

Check Out the Plaid Shirt and Those Ears!

This year my new, slightly behind the adoption curve, ventures into the social network world brought an interesting result. Lots of folks were aware of my birthday. Not surprisingly, I have never broadcast the date to anyone. Those who know, know and for the rest, I was completely happy to not have them not know.

The social network effect resulted in lots of folks sending me good wishes. Well, here I am a bit late in life loving the attention. Is Facebook worth all those billions? Is it a huge time-waster? I suspect the answers are no and yes, respectively, but they and LinkedIn and my high school reunion website and other connectors, brought me a lot of smiles a few days ago.

My sweetie, Gwen, tells me everyone now knows the date because of the way I set up my profiles on these various systems. So I guess, if I had more social network skills, I could have continued to keep the date quiet. But then, I would have missed all of those smiles…

Thanks everyone.

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